Independent drugstores founded in 2008 and has since been serving in the Tampa Bay Area with hopes of expanding to neighboring cities. Our existence, development and growth has been made possible by you, the customers and we would like to say THANK YOU. We began by learning and continue to grow by adapting to your to your needs. Keeping abreast of your daily needs and stocking hard to find drugs and further making available other ancillary personal care products like health & beauty items, first-aid supplies, food supplements, consumable medical supplies and equipment.

We remain compassionate, personal, family friendly and provide exemplary services on first name terms because we know you and know your special needs. Our customers trust us with their healthcare demands because we’ve always delivered.

As community pharmacy stores we are strongly connected to our community events in support and giving back. Our goal is a healthier you and are dedicated to providing custom pharmacy solutions through community arrangements.

We thoughtfully stay true to our mission, which is to keep sickness at bay for a healthier you.

We are committed to staying ahead of the game and as a result, we work directly with your doctors to get the appropriate medications and are in tune with your insurance requirements so we keep things simple and convenient for you.

Serving with team of licensed professionals who are proficient and consummate in providing memorable and friendly pharmaceutical healthcare.


Our mission is to provide expert medication services while functioning as active professional partner in all of your healthcare needs. Our purpose is to improve the standards of living through innovative, coordinated, and affordable pharmaceutical services and products.


Our vision is to remain your preferred pharmacy store through our invaluable relationship to you. To be the ideal pharmacy of choice wherever we are able to serve. Consistently meeting the needs and surpassing the expectations of our communities is the core of our strategy.