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Establishing doctor-patient experience to drive better health and save lives.

At Main Street Medical, we focus each encounter on doctor-patient experience, building better relationship to achieve better health. Collaborating with partners to ensure that we save lives together. Our culture and values guide our daily decisions and have helped us thrive in the healthcare marketplace for several years.

Our values

Do Extraordinary Things

We encourage each other to raise our standards, leave our comfort zones, and push the limits of our imaginations.

First, Listen to the Patient

We champion putting patients first and surpassing their expectations. By understanding each patient’s unique perspectives we anticipate their needs.

Be Resilient

Our cooperation and follow-up attitude enables us to overcome challenges as we strive to do more with less. The only mistake we can make is by not learning from our experiences.

Give Back

The mission-driven work we do is inherently in service to others. We lead by example through our efforts to support our community.

Embrace the Team

We are a team of talented individuals made stronger by embracing the diversity of our people and ideas. We take every opportunity to celebrate our extraordinary accomplishments and teamwork.

Do The Right Thing

We exhibit integrity without compromise, leading with positive intent in every decision we make and action we take.

Our benefits

In line with our mission to drive better health, we are family-first and committed to ensuring that every employee can lead a healthy and balanced life, inside and outside of work.


Come join us to help build a healthier community one patient after another. To support each other today for a healthier tomorrow and save lives.

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