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Your local independent drugstores serving the Tampa Bay area since 2008. That means we must be doing something right which includes stocking hard to find drugs, health & beauty products, first-aid supplies, food supplements, consumable medical supplies and equipment.

We are compassionate, personal, family friendly and provide exemplary services on first name terms because we know you and know your special needs. Our customers trust us with their healthcare demands because we have always delivered.

At Bay area Pharmacy, we thoughtfully stay true to our mission, which is to keep sickness at bay and strife together for a healthier you.

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Drugs have side effects and there can be drug to drug interaction. Drug education is a pharmacist's job and the science of customized medication is what is reffered to as Compounding. Pharmacists know DRUGS! and that is why we are here for you among other things. Schedule a time for a private consultation, you'll be glad you did.

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